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2011 Honda Accord 
149,135 K Miles
Front end Damage
Front subframe smashed
core support damage
Located at Luckys Self Serve
1981 Alpine Ave 

ONLY $2795
2016 Chevy Malibu 
Hood Damage
Front bumper damage
Right front headlight smashed
Right front fender damage
Right front door damage
205,291 Miles 

ONLY $2795

2012 Chrysler 300
Passenger side door bags deployed
Passenger front seat air bags deployed
Passenger front door damage

ONLY $2495
2008 Volvo c30 
105,756 Miles
Drivers door smashed
Driver side mirror broken
Left rear suspension damage 

ONLY $2795
2006 BMW X5 3.0i 4WD
2006 BMW X5
215,943 Miles
Hood Damage
Left front fender damage
Front bumper damage
Runs and drives

ONLY $2495

2007 Chevy Express
Missing front bumper
 Missing grille
Missing headlights/marker lights
Lower core support damage
Hood Damage
right fender damage
Right rear doors dents/ clear coat peel
Rockers rusty
Right  rear quarter rusty
Rear door rusty
Rear bumper rusty
Left quarter rusty
Front left fender small dent
3/4 tires worn
Sunvisor clips broken
interior carpet worn down
232,956K miles 

ONLY $2795
2014 Chevy Malibu
Runs And Drives
Front End Damage
242,786K Miles
In limp mode

ONLY $2295
2014 Chrysler 200 
Runs and Drives
Left front door damage
Left front fender damage
Left front headlight missing
Front bumper/grill damage
Core support damage
160,101 Miles

ONLY 2795
2013 Ford Fusion 
206,291K Miles
Front End Damage
Turbo Bad ???

ONLY $2495

2006 Nissan Xterra

Rockers Rusty
Bad timing

ONLY $2195
2011 Jeep Liberty 
Front bumper damage
Power steering pump pully broken
Runs and Drives
223,441 Miles
Windshield Cracked 

ONLY $2795
2009 Suzuki Sx4 
Right front Fender damage
Front bumper damage
Right front headlight damage
Hole in oil pan
Left front inner tie rod bent
Engine noise 

ONLY $2195 
2001 VW Beetle
Runs and drives
Bad Engine
Broken motor mount
Right front upper strut mount loose

ONLY $1995
Hood damage
Front left fender damage
Drivers side door damage
Rear bumper cracked
Front right fender minor damage
Passenger door little rust
Drivers side rear quarter little rust
Drivers side mirror gone
Windshield smashed
173K miles

ONLY $2495
2012 Lincoln MKX
Front end damage
coolers pushed in ( not leaking)
Steering wheel air bag deployed
Core support broken
ONLY $2495
2009 Chrysler Town And Country
Runs And Drives
214,108 Miles
Left front fender damage
Front bumper Broken
Left front headlight broken
Big Oil Leak
Drivers front door damage 

ONLY $2995
2011 Chevy Silverado 1500
Runs and lot drives. BAD MOTOR. very rusty frame. missing radio. 233k miles 
ONLY $2495
2005 Infinity Fx35
Runs and Drives
Front end Damage
Right inner tie rod bent
56,608 Miles 

 ONLY $2195
2008 Mini Clubman Cooper S
Does not run. Bad motor no compression. No hood latch. 167k miles
ONLY $1995
2014 Jeep Compass 
183,595 Miles
Hood rusted/damaged
Front bumper broken
Right rear doors dented
Coolers damaged
Lower radiator support bent
Right front lower ball joint loose 

ONLY $2795
2015 Ford Escape 
Front end Damage
Radiator Support gone/rusted
145,450 Miles

ONLY $2995
2007 Ford Freestar
Airbag Deployed
bumper broken

ONLY $1995
2011 Ford Escape
Typical Michigan Rust
No serpentine belt
Alternator locked up

ONLY $2795
2011 Honda CR-V
Front end Damage
Core Support

ONLY $2795
2009 Chrysler Sebring
Runs and drives. Driver seat broken. Oil leak. Right side damage. 156k miles
ONLY $2495
2010 Chrysler Town And country
Missing front bumper and grill
Chip in windshield

ONLY $2495
2011 Ford Edge 
Front end damage
263,361 Miles
Runs and Drives

ONLY $2795
2015 Hyundia Santa Fe 
Runs and Drives
Bad Engine

ONLY $2995
2011 Nissan Sentra 
Runs and drives, has a bad transmission. 174k miles
ONLY $1495
1996 Chevy G10
Bad Trans
Typical Michgan Rust
265,458K Miles

ONLY $1995
2014 Gmc Acadia 
192,479 Miles
Drivers door damaged
Core support pushed in
left front headlight missing
Front bumper/grille damage
Hood Damage
02 codes
sun roof cracked 

Runs and drives 

ONLY $2495
2005 Honda Element 
Runs and Drives 

Bad Transmission
Rear end Bad

ONLY $1,995
2012 Chrysler Town and country
Front end damage
core support broken
212,404 Miles

ONLY $2495
2015 Chevy Malibu
Runs and lot drives. Front end damage. Bald tires. Broken sensors under the hood. SALVAGE TITLE. 147k miles
ONLY $2,295
2007 chrysler 300
104,567K Miles
Bad Transmission 

Only $2495
2016 Ford Fiesta
BAD MOTOR. vehicle does run/drive. 110k miles

ONLY $1995